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In the family of things I've been asked to test 50 times, here are the dual durometer wheels from Flatface. Actually, I don't need to force myself, I'm a big Mike fanboy. Hi Mike.

We're not going to waste time introducing the double F brand, because if we're here looking at Fb wheels at 50$, it's largely thanks to it. Besides, I already did it in this video ! After having first marketed grip, boards, then wheels, Mike Schneider will finally meet success with these.

Practice makes perfect, a saying that also applies to the making of small wheels.

And Mike has been crafting wheels in his basement for almost 15 years. It's safe to say he's a master of his craft. At least, except for Martin Winkler, no one else can claim to have as much experience as him in the field. And just like the German pioneer, Mike was also looking for the perfect wheel. So he went a bit too far, he wanted to satisfy everyone.

Only in the Dual Durometer range, there are something like 20 different references ! The "dual" in the name is not for the bearings, it's for "double-density". So you have to understand one thing : each color corresponds to a different density. And buddy-Mike looked for all the most interesting combos around this concept.

You are faced with a lot of choices, many different possibilities. And at this price, you can't make a mistake or it will be painful. So buying these wheels is expensive, and it takes time. The time to read ALL the descriptions. Thanks Mike...

After 15 days of reading, I chose the turquoise/black to take advantage of the low density of the turquoise polymer in the core and the hardness of the black polymer on the outside. With the idea to get a smooth feeling, like rubber wheels, but without the strong grip of rubber. A good durability. And why not, lot of SQUEAAAAK! as a bonus.

And that's exactly the result I got. Until now I never tested anything comparable to these wheels, and the sensations they provide are really amazing as the combination plays on opposite extremes. The shape is perfect for my expectations with an intermediate diameter, between street classic and mini wheels, and a good contact surface. Light but not too light, rolling and versatile. An exemplary balancing. And by the way I use them in this video. (Don't forget to activate subtitles)

As I said in the introduction, I love Flatface. For a thousand and one good reasons. But be careful, there is no pity when I test a product.

I'm always making a point of honor to remain objective and factual in my reviews. To offer the most honest of honest reviews. These wheels simply impressed me by the ingenuity and the execution of their concept. The innovation is there, and it has a price, that's for sure. But anyway, even if with this price I couldn't have fun collecting them unless I robbed a bank... I'll still think about it, I might find a curb next to the parlor.

I will simply conclude this test with a picture. My everyday setup, the one I can't live without.


Board - Flatface G15 | Trucks - Blackriver 34mm | Wheels - Flatface Dual Durometer turkoise/black | Bushings - OG Solar Tuning | Tape - Black Velvet

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