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In a very short time Caramel has made a place in the game, yet very busy, of Fb wheels. Armed with its logo, a tribute to Chocolate, and a well placed price, the brand is in a good way to fight against the concurrence. And it is rather successful because for a few weeks everyone is talking about it !

The DMs with "How are the Caramel wheels bro ?" started to multiply, it was the sign I was waiting for. It was time for me to go to the front, for you the team. Nothing to do with any Fingerboard addiction.


No glitter, marble effect, phosphorescence... Nothing ! We can almost say that Caramel focuses on the originality of the sobriety of its wheels, so much the other manufacturers go to the opposite, by redoubling innovative stylistic effects. A 100% fingerboarding preoccupation, which suits me perfectly, I loved Pimp My Ride.

The detail that aroused my interest in this product is the tribute to Chocolate, like a big fan-boy in his 40s that I am. But to pay €25.90, the argument remains a little light as the offer is wide in terms of wheels. Too late, the insta-game was already hyped. But I was about to move on when suddenly @weirdboarding started throwing big bangers with those wheels. Damn.

Ordered and received within the correct time frame, with in the meantime a small exchange by DM where Caramel was reactive. Here are my new wheels in their stylish packaging, quality atmosphere.


The four white marks you can see on these two pictures (above and below the paragraph) are not reflections, but rather what seem to be molding marks, slightly sanded at first sight. As a reminder, there are two ways to make wheels : with a mini rotary lathe, or with a mold by injecting a polymer.

If wheel manufacturers massively opt for the use of the lathe it is, among other things, to avoid this kind of unsightly rendering. And in a general way to have a control and a final quality much more thorough than with a molding. This last one having as main advantage, for the manufacturer, to be a much faster process.

At the time I was a little less optimistic.

Second observation: the shape, which with its diameter and width leans towards bowls, is rather raw, and the aesthetic is also very sober.

But fortunately, clothes don't make the man !

And yes, thanks to the old sage. Because there, at a glance, it was not going well. Until they were put on my board !

The wind changes suddenly when the wheels reveal their ultra smooth feeling. Urethane 60D is butter. With a little grip: it's even better ! Of course the dimensions of these wheels make them very smooth, but the ABEC 7 bearings work wonders here and the fluidity is there. It's a real pleasure to hear the wheels spinning in the air at full speed during tricks ! The weight distribution is also interesting, giving a slight feeling of inertia.

In conclusion, the feeling is there, and this wheel format is not so common, especially in this price range ! Do I recommend it ? Yes, but now that you know the facts, it's up to you to see if a slight cosmetic defect is acceptable for you, or not, at 26€.

With its attractive price, its packaging and its very good performances, the Caramel wheels are almost flawless, and have almost everything of a very very good deal. The feeling of these wheels is above most of its direct competitors in the 20/25€ price range. Let's pass for the weak aesthetic side of the wheels, it's a matter of taste after all. But the (probably molding) marks, even if they don't influence the ride quality, is still a problem that we hope will be solved in a next version !

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