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Our very own wizard is stylish like Saruman but cool like Gandalf. And unlike those two, Weirdboarding drops big bangers on Instagram without grip tape.

The laymen envy his power and talk about trickery, while the others dream of having even a tenth of it. We are in the second category... It might not be enough for him to teach us some spells, but we give it a try. Interview with @weirdboarding !

Fingerboardz : Can you introduce yourself a little bit for those who don't know you ?

Weirdboarding : So my name is Steve, but everyone calls me Stevo (I guess you have the Jackass reference). I'm 26 years old, I'm from Paris but I've been living in Mont de Marsan (South-West of France) for 20 years.

And above all, do Fingerskate for fun, work hard if you want, but have fun ❤️

FBZ : When and how did you start Fingerskate ?

WBD : It's really a pure chance, one day in the train (to go to Paris, to see my father, in 2006 I think) I'm sitting next to a kid, almost the same age, and I see him playing with a small board. At the beginning I didn't give a damn, I was almost bored by the noise 🤣

We had 4 hours of train together, we talked about skateboarding (I had my skateboard with me) and I tried his fingerskate and it was funny. He was getting off one stop before me and while leaving (I realized it afterwards) he had dropped his Fb under the seat...too late to give it back, I got my first board.

FBZ : So this first board was a good old Tech Deck ?

WBD : No, it was a Powerdeck, or something like that, with a great ZERO graphic but finally cracked at the tail from riding it so hard.

FBZ : Let's talk about session, how are you organized ? Do you work for several hours with a beer or is it more like a little bit as soon as you have 5 minutes ?

WBD : It depends, I try to work a little every day, so I don't lose my touch, then often I film, so I organize sessions of 2 to 5 hours, where I try hard to get something out of it. And then sometimes it's just to have fun, to have a feeling session, nothing complex than tricks on lock to relax.

FBZ : Is there a trick you're working on right now ?

WBD : In fact every day I have a trick to work on, but I never know before 🤣 you know, I look at my ramps, I position them, and then I think "well what do we do? " and sometimes I fight for 2 hours with a combo to tell myself "yeah no it sucks in video, let's do something else" haha !

FBZ : I'm not asking you for your favorite trick, or are you going to surprise us ?

WBD : This famous question 🤣 Actually I think the heel is not really my favorite, but it's the easiest for me , I have much more fun doing an ollie north ninja style or trying no comply to wallride or other weirdness 🤣 But it's true that the heel is the fliptrick that I do the best even in big combos ✌🏻

FBZ : The combo of your dreams, the ultimate goal for you ?

WBD : Well I'm bad with Bs tail and 3.6 flip (the regular), it's a big gap, so I dream of combos in bs tail and obviously 3.6 flip FS Noseblunt.

FBZ : We're going to talk about your most famous power to drop brutal lines without a grip tape. A fight against the evil polymer lobby? How did did it begin ?

WBD : Haha, no really, it's like the discovery of the fingerskate, it came from an "accident", "by chance" we are in 2010 and I make the transition between the plastic Tech Deck with standard grip, and the wooden Close-Up with standard grip for the first versions, and foam tape for the next one ...

And one day, I screw up my foam tape ! So I had to change it... And while I'm removing the deck, I think to myself "well I'm going to clean the top and I'm going to ride without grip, it could be funny"... The first 10 minutes it was a carnage, and in the end I was stubborn and I tried again and again. And I said to myself "oh yeah I like it" and then I stopped Fb a bit from 2011 to 2018. And then when I created my insta, we go back to the good old habits without grip.

FBZ : It's not for me, it's for a friend, but just in you have some advice for someone who would like to learn pressure heelflip à la Weirdboarding ?

WBD : Let your beard grow, and don't have sweaty hands, contrary to what you think. Tighten up your trucks, and find the precise point on the board to flip in pressure. But hey, it takes a little time ✌🏻

FBZ : So when you're not breaking Instagram with your clips, what do you do ? Little pony rides, taxidermy, or I don't know, photography for example ?

WBD : Totally, photography and video (that's my job "normally" but I don't make a living out of it yet) I play music (guitar/drums) I play video games, I watch a lot of horror movies and I still skate a little bit ( ouuutchh the knees) and if not I make Fingerskate from time to time 😉✌🏻

FBZ : What equipment do you use to film yourself ?

WBD : I have several cameras I collect them ( not far from 20 😂 ( super 8, camcorder etc) haha ! But for the Fb, I shoot either with my Samsung Galaxy S20 + wide angle Moments or Deathlens. Or else with the professional camera a Sony Alpha 7s + an 8mm fisheye or a 25/75 😁 And very rarely with a tape camcorder.

FBZ : Let's finish with some skate culture! Who is this rider who made you love skateboarding to the point of doing it with your fingers ?

WBD : Jamie Thomas , Mike Vallely, Richie Jackson, Daewon Song, and so many others, they are the ones that gave me the desire to start in 2002 and not give up and then since then. There have been so many amazing videos that it was impossible to get demotivated 🔥

FBZ : Thanks to you O great wizard, if you feel like throwing a little curse or saying hello to your mommy this is the time because I leave you the last word !

WBD : Wingardium Leviosa ! No I'm just kidding I hate Harry Potter ! Haha ! I would like to thank especially my best friend Seb @pieceofwoood, it is thanks to him that the Weirdboarding adventure was born, I would also like to thank the International Community and my sponsors: Genius, Pars, Caramel and my old pal Lambda.

And above all, do Fingerskate for fun, work hard if you want, but have fun ❤️

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