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As you probably know : fingerboarding are rich people s̶p̶o̶r̶t̶ stuff. The reality is that there's a real technical gap between a 5 bucks Tech Deck and a 100 bucks complete high-end one. And, if in the second category, what differentiates one piece from another, will have more to do with preference than performance... when riding a lowcost board, it's not the same thing.

The irony is that the best way to efficiently upgrade the performance of a low-cost setup with a small budget is to change the most insignificant of its components : bushings ! ( I already talked about it in this video ) And it's a good thing because today I'm testing the cheapest pro bushings on the market !

The Canadian scene is in effervescence. Many companies are emerging with quality products, often original, and sometimes even with a declared will to democratize fingerboarding. And I'm talking about democratizing the hobby with products that don't cost a kidney, or an arm, depending on what you have left. Like his Quebec buddy @aiko.wheels, @bolt_it_fb's goal and concept is to offer quality bushings at a price that defies all competition : $4.24 CAD.

According to my buddy XE.COM $4.24 CAD = 2.95€ = $3.31 USD 🤯 You know what I mean !

At this price, if the quality is good, I'll order a truckload of them to make a pool of bushings like Uncle Scrooge. But before we start digging in the garden, let's take a closer look.

First good impression with the packaging. Goodbye to the classic zip bag that, after a 10-minute death struggle, finally splits open, spilling your bush into the carpet. No, today the originality is there, with this little jar that, in addition to being practical, evokes those used to preserve the ̶w̶ee̶d̶ herbal tea of grandma.

Another good point is the variety of colors, there is something for everyone. Some simple, some swirl... @bolt_it_fb will propose about twenty of them as soon as the product is launched !

For this review, I'm going to put these bushings directly to the test by mounting them on low cost trucks bought on Aliexpress, and matching them with a Cowply deck... Because, well, let's not joke around. The wheels will be @aiko.wheels because the real ones know, and I know you know.

Nothing to report during the assembly, everything is fine, no worries about compatibility. Even before testing them in action, I noticed that these bushings are extremely soft. But in my experience, I am rather suspicious of soft bushings. Not that I don't appreciate the feeling and the performance provided by this type of density ! In fact, there is nothing smoother and more reactive than low density rubber. But it's, in most cases, at the sacrifice of their durability.

A little bit of pressure !

So, the best way to be fixed quickly ? No washer and you screw, like a barbarian. When you call yourself Screwed Tuning, it's better to pass this easy test. Fortunately, as this picture proves, the bushing is doing very well, without the nut widening it. Successful test ✔️

So let's go ahead with this little reactivity test. Do our Canadian bushings do what they were designed to do ? That is to say, reposition the hanger quickly and accurately, in its starting position. Not bad, eh !? Validated test ✔️

A few sessions later, verdict !

Under the fingers, it's butter ! So smooth that the transition to my usual Level Up bushings is a bit surprising during the first few minutes.

The spring effect is present, even my cheap trucks become ultra reactive triggers. And this is the result we were looking for here : to improve our set up at a lower cost !

With more serious trucks, the combination with these Screwed Tuning will allow to take full advantage of a wide swing. The quality of the material used, by taking well the tightening, will offer a lot of possibilities of adjustments. And the lifespan, around one month with heavy use, puts these bushings on the podium in the soft category according to my experience.

In conclusion, if you are looking for a smooth feel, Screwed Tuning is now in the top tier of bushings manufacturers. With a significant bonus, its quality/price ratio without competitors !

Hopefully, future distributors will respect the project's guideline, offering this product at its original low price. But whether you are from Europe or elsewhere, the best way to enjoy it's to buy it from the source ! While waiting for the shop to be officially online, you can contact @bolt_it_fb on Instagram to get your supplies directly from the Quebec confectionery.

A big thanks to IT BOLT for the bushings !

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