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If you want one of these boards you have to be fast, very fast. Strong and recognizable visual identity, meticulous manufacturing entirely manual, painted and drawn freehand...

Sex Fingerboards is back in the insta-game with some big clean edits ! Interview with @sex.fingerboards !

Fingerboardz : Can you introduce yourself a little bit for those who don't know you already ?

Lionel : Lionel 35 years old, videographer, deck maker. I live in a ski resort, Vars, in the Southern Alps, with my girlfriend and my two cats.

FBZ : When and how did you start Fingerboarding ?

Lionel : It's hard to remember a precise date, but I remember I was in 8th grade when the first Tech Deck arrived in France, so about 21 years ago. I was already skateboarding at the time so it came naturally to have a fingerboard at home.

FBZ : Your very first board was ?

Lionel : It seems to me that it was not the Tech Deck brand, I don't remember the name, just that it was the "Animal series" collection. As for my first wooden board, it was a Spleen Wood (now called Necrose)

“Spend less time on social networks, create more !”

FBZ : What brought you to board making ?

Lionel : I created my Fb instagram in 2017, and soon after, Jamie from Wush took me on his team. At the time I was riding for the brand, he had 3 molds, he wanted to stop one of them, which was my favorite. And as I couldn't see myself riding any other shape than that one, I decided to buy it from him. 6 months later I was pressing my first board.

FBZ : How long ago did you start distributing them ?

Lionel : I started in 2019 and have taken quite a few breaks, as I make my boards on my balcony, and winter is not very practical with snow or cold.

FBZ : Can you tell us more about the origin of the name Sex ?

Lionel : I wanted something simple and easy to remember. A buddy of mine has a brand called Drink Sexy, I was inspired by it.

“I have lots of design ideas that I want to try and it's all love.”

FBZ : Your visual style is really recognizable, is it something you developed with Sex Fb or is it earlier ?

Lionel : To be honest, I'm pretty bad at drawing, so I started making little doodles, selecting the ones I was most comfortable with, then I bought Posca and the designs developed like that. There is never anything too technical, simple but effective. I also use stencils that I create with my vinyl machine.

FBZ : The finishes of your boards are really nice and the whole thing is very neat, it seems to me that you produce in limited quantities. What is your approach to manufacturing ? What are your goals ?

Lionel : There were two phases in my approach and I'd rather be as honest as possible because I think it can be useful to others. At first, it was the challenge of making a board that made me happy enough to feel good about selling it. So when I started selling them I had this pride in making boards that I liked. In November 2017 I had an awesome sales peak, the money I was getting from selling was just a bonus at that point.

Then at some point, I don't really know how to explain it, I lost the passion of making boards, then what interested me was the money from the sales. So I took a step back, I took a big break of about 10 months and now I have the passion again. I have a lot of design ideas that I want to test and it's all love. If it ever comes back, I'll just have to take a break again.

For my goals, I would really like to develop the brand with wear, and do my designs on other media.

FBZ : Fb is currently experiencing a major revival and many young people are starting to make home-made boards, do you have any advice for them ?

Lionel : Have quality tools to make the process as comfortable as possible. Don't bet everything on the sale, and don't despair when it doesn't work. Creating a universe around the brand is what works best. Flint is the best example of this.

FBZ : Let's go back to the practice, we can see it in your edits, there is a very high level ! How do you organize yourself to work ? More like a big chill session or more like spamming when you have 5 minutes to spare ?

Lionel : I have a trick book ! haha. When I'm doing chill sessions, I start to have ideas of tricks, which I write down, then when I have the motivation I ask my girlfriend to hold the camera, I explained to her how I want her to film, and I won't ask anyone to do it for her, she's super talented.

FBZ : The filming quality of your last lines is really superb, what equipment do you use and what is your process to obtain this result ?

Lionel : I have a big Panasonic hpx250 for zoom/dezoom filming, long lens what. and a Sony a7iii for fisheye or big slowmo.

FBZ : When you are not preparing beautiful boards for the next drop, what are you doing ?

Lionel : I play Call of Duty, I skate.

FBZ : A little bit of skate culture for the end! Who is this rider who made you love skateboarding so much that you ended up doing it with your fingers too ?

Lionel : I was a big fan of Corey Duffel, especially his double part in That's life - Foundation

FBZ : Thank you so much Lionel for taking the time to answer these questions! And now I'll let you finish the job, you have the last word !

Lionel : Spend less time on social networks, create more !

My complete review of a Sex Fingerboards board on YouTube :

( Don't forget to activate subtitles )

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