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Even if it often surprises the neophyte, the fingerskate is very expensive as soon as you go up in range. The problem is that it happens really quickly!

YES, it's aberrant, we all agree on that : for the same price as some fingerboards... you could have a skateboard. But if you're here, it's not to debate this fascinating subject. One thing is for sure: I don't enjoy throwing $50 into Barbie-sized trucks (or Ken ). I'm also having more and more trouble controlling myself when asked:

“And your toys there, how much does that crap cost?”

There's blood everywhere and it's staining my Air Jordan's.

So I looked for a solution, and don't worry, it's not a stain remover.

The evolution of the hobby is directly linked to its users but also to its manufacturers. And if the Fingerboard has never stopped progressing technically, the prices of its components, always more adapted and optimized, have also evolved in their own way... the expensive way. Production volumes are not very high, even among the game's behemoths. This is one of the reasons for these prices.

The phenomenon is even more true for the micro-fabricators who are currently making the scene alive by producing from their garage wheels, boards, bushings... Before they can make money, they'll have to sell a few kilos of gear, the villa for mom is not for tomorrow. The adage "by enthusiasts, for enthusiasts" takes all its sense here. Anyway the buyer has on one hand, the low cost products made in Aliexpress massively manufactured. And on the other hand, trucks of a much better quality, costing a kidney, produced in a much less massive way. And between these two offers: nothing. Well, almost! Because today it is less and less true.

Recently some manufacturers try to fill this gap by aiming at the middle range. It's the case with Elastico who offers wheels with an intermediate quality at an intermediate price (around 26$). So you can ride with good sensations without going directly to the high 45/55$ price range! For the trucks it's another matter, impossible to make without machining, the production is more complex and requires an important financial investment. The risks are important because the Fb is a tiny commercial niche.

Fortunately, some visionary manufacturers are currently positioning themselves by proposing an alternative to pro trucks. This is the case for example with Jem Trucks. The Spanish brand produces inverted kingpin trucks, with quality bushings and pivots cups for 30$. A very good offer, but I'll come back to it in another test.

Which brings us to Vortex Trucks.

The young New Zealand brand, specialized in the production of trucks as its name indicates, directly announces its intentions with its slogan. "Bridge the gap". And good news, we are talking about the price gap.

Small technical summary: one of the best baseplates on the market, moreover in reverse kingpin, autoblock locknuts, pivots cups and performances well above lowcost trucks. All this for 23$.

“Nice, but compared to Blackriver or Dynamics trucks?”

Obviously, it is impossible with such a competitive price to compete technically with the heavyweights, the objective being anyway the in-between. On the current version (Vortex V2), the hangers are closer to their Chinese equivalent but do the job. The pivot cups are rubber tubes that needs to be used for a while before they fulfill their function. And finally the bushings, of a standard quality, need to be changed to take full advantage of the trucks potential. To be replaced for example by Solar Tuning bushings. Once this is done, Vortex trucks become serious business, for a price that is always well placed.

Another particularity is that the famous Vortex baseplate exists in two versions to make it compatible with the best hangers on the market (BR, Dynamics and Ytrucks). An interesting possibility!

Objective achieved

We are in the middle of the range, in terms of performance and price! Currently it is the best value for money on the market. To see an in-depth review of the Vortex trucks, go to the YouTube channel by clicking on the thumbnail below! (Don't forget to activate subtitles)

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